St. Luke's Church Preservation Committee seeks your support for a pre-feasibility study

We wish to begin work on a buyout and restoration plan for St. Luke’s Church, a proposal that will transform the iconic Waterloo heritage building into a unique multifunctional space. It will be a laboratory of sorts, both physical and virtual, focusing on experimentation, innovation, learning, co-creation and sharing, while pushing the limits of imagination and bringing creativity to life!

Also, a study will assess the economic impact of tourism the church could have on the area, taking into account the limitations and opportunities associated with its Quebec cultural heritage classification. Born out of the study will be proposals based on a framework of sustainable tourism and specialty tourism products.

These actions are intended to contribute to the preservation of St. Luke’s exceptional architectural features and to make the building more accessible to the public. The cultural benefits of this creative endeavour will expand Waterloo’s outreach to its community and the surrounding area for years to come.

I support the community project

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